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I have come to believe that God is not there to fix my problems, but rather to help me through them.  He is a supporter, helper, encourager, and a provider Ė not a fixer.  Thus, I do not pray for my adversities to disappear, but for strength to conquer them; not for my problems to be solved, but for the wisdom to find solutions; and not for difficulties to be smaller, but for my will to be bigger.  Indeed, I have successfully faced many trials and Iíve gotten through them all with humor, love, strength and faith.  And I believe this -- life gave me the adversities, but God gave me these tools with which to overcome them.

   It seems to me that when I talk with God, I should not ask for miracles to change my life, for things to always happen the way I want them to, or for my suffering to just magically go away.  I believe God knows better than us what we need and He provides it. Rather than asking him to fix those things that trouble me, I think Iím better served if I pray that He will help me see within myself what tools and traits I possess that will see me through the hardships I face.   Moreover, I believe I fare better in my journey when I resist the temptation to ask for a life of ease, and pray instead for my soul -- that it may deepen and be enriched, that it may grow through my suffering, and that it may heal through my faith.  I believe it is in this that God stands always ready to help me.

[We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.
Acts 14:22]
David L. Weatherford
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