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From 11/26/32 to 05/01/08 Jackalyn Adams Weatherford lived a beautiful life filled with love, grace, and charity.  She brightened our lives like a shining star. Everyone who knew her was drawn to her warm, loving spirit.  It was impossible to know her and not feel that you too should be kinder, that you too needed a faith that would see you through the travails of life, and that you too are obligated to leave the world a better place for having been here.  She was at various times a teacher, social worker, and psychotherapist by profession.  In other words, her life’s work was helping people improve their lives.  In fact, she did that for all of us who knew her, as much by her Christian example as by words and deeds.

What is the measure of a life well lived?  If it is the amount of love one inspires in others, then indeed hers was an amazing life.  Though grief still fills our hearts, we rejoice in knowing she walks now in the peaceful fields of heaven.  She was a gift that will always keep on giving, for any life touched by such an angel is forever blessed and brought closer to Christ.
We miss you! We cherish you! We love you!
With just the right amounts of wisdom and sense,
warmth and love, courage and strength,
perfect mother, precious wife,
God created this beautiful life.
"In Loving Memory"
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