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It was just another night.  Then, suddenly, a beautiful shining star fell from the sky (only God knows the reason why).  And the next day Ö
the sun couldn't bring itself to shine,
the dark clouds could only weep,
and leaves fell just because they didn't care

A cold wind moaned softly,
flowers seemed to wilt in their grief,
and hearts shattered into hundreds of pieces, including my own.

Then, a precious angel joined Godís choir
On May 1, 2008, after a long, courageous battle against a debilitating illness, Jackie Weatherford, my mother,  went Home to have peace in the loving light of Jesus, the Lord and Savior she so deeply loved.
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In her final years, she taught me still another lesson -- that the body is just a shell, a vessel that eventually breaks down.  But within, there resides the beauty, grace, and dignity of an eternal soul, which prevails.

I will try to carry on, though knowing that I shall never again receive  love so true, so deep, and so endlessly giving.   For we are loved like that only once in a lifetime, if indeed one is blessed to have a mother such as mine.

She was the most beautiful person I ever knew.

Just to know her was a privilege;
to be part of her life, a gift;
but to be her son,  that was an honor I cherish.
Jackie Weatherfordís life was all about giving and helping.  She gave endlessly of herself to her family, friends, church, and community.  Her career was based on helping as well, working at various times in her life as a social worker, school teacher, and psychotherapist.  Most importantly, and in all these things, she was a faithful servant of God. 

No sad goodbyes now, for though she is gone, she remains.  She is in heaven and in my heart at the same time, as well as in the hearts of all those whose lives she touched.   It is one of Godís tender mercies that when He takes a precious soul away from us, He leaves us with warm memories, tears of gratitude, and the hope of a heavenly reunion.

And though I miss my dear sweet mother with an unrelenting ache, my heart is whole and restored, even capable of moments of joy.   This is true because I know she, too, is now whole and restored in the land of the angels where her lifelong faith and goodness have been rewarded. 

Mom, you were the shining star in my life, and you are the light in my heart still.   I love you dearly and hope so much that I made you proud. 

Peace and joy on your walk with Jesus.
My mom and me, Christmas 2003
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