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Love communicated to another, does not say " Be what I want you to be and make me happy". It says rather,  "Be what you need to be and let me help you".

I do not live my life in the simple pursuit of happiness. I spend my days enjoying family and friends, giving my best in all I do, and loving God. I've discovered that happiness finds me while I'm busy with these endeavors.

I'm not so much afraid of death as I am of not having lived fully.

There is a beautiful grace in doing a kindness for someone who can never repay it.

No one has sufficient qualifications to be a judge of his neighbors.

Treat everyone you meet as though God Himself dwells within that person for He does!

In reflecting on the times of my life, it occurs to me that the difficult, arduous experiences always pass, or at least wane to a tolerable level. On the other hand, thankfully, the positive, uplifting aspects of my life journey seem to hold strong and steady throughout, as long as I appreciate and nurture them.

A flower that is not the prettiest in the garden may yet have the loveliest fragrance.

If I indulge myself at my own expense, I am unwise. If I indulge myself at the expense of my friend, I am unworthy.

What do I lose if I assume everything will turn out for the best?

We are each granted an unlimited supply of prayers through which to call on God over a lifetime. While we cannot possibly use them all up, it is nevertheless wise to attempt to do so.

The light of humanity never shines brighter than those moments in which someone reaches into the darkness of another's suffering to offer comfort.

In the free flight of the beautiful butterfly, a caterpillar sees itself fully evolved. Would that every child might have a parent who provides such inspiration.

We are closest to God when we are helping others.

Love needs space and freedom. That which clings to, possesses, and suffocates another is not love, but the fear of losing love. True love knows no fear.
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I can lead a fuller, richer life if I follow two maxims:

  1)  I will live each day as though it were my last.
  2)  I will treat others as though the same were true for them.

Religion is not something to be practiced only on specified days of the week, in designated locations, or in some prescribed fashion.  I believe we truly worship the Lord everyday, everywhere, in how we treat everyone. Thus, we sing God's praises the loudest in those quiet, unheralded moments of unselfish giving.

It is better to live a good life than an easy life.

Love must be free like a bird; it cannot flourish when captured and caged.  Part of its wonder is in knowing that it flies in our blue sky of its own choosing.

I don't know the meaning of life, the purpose of humanity, or why I'm even here.  But I do know that anytime I act out of love, the world just feels right to me.

Accept that life is hard, unfair, and painful then be joyful and live life to the fullest.

Youth is a state of mind based on optimism, dreams, playfulness, and a pure sense of joy.  Its gradual decline over time occurs not because it is an innately age-related phenomenon, but rather because we wrongly assume its loss to be inevitable. 

If your house is full of treasures, but your soul is empty, what have you?
If your body is strong and healthy, but your soul is starving and sick, how are you?
Friend, I wish you prosperity and wellness.  But in my prayers, I  ask that your soul shall be nourished and deepened so that you may know joy and contentment even when your house has fallen and your body has failed you.
Oh to be like a child in the way he knows happiness. 
A child does not question if he is happy he just is.

If we can love ourselves in spite of our faults and foibles, and if we can accept our own weaknesses and wrongdoings, then why do we resist loving and accepting others because they do not meet our expectations?

A soul that did not suffer would never fully know itself.

Many of us have known those days when we feel like we can walk across mountaintops with our heads touching the clouds. All of us have known those days when we feel as though we are lying broken and helpless in the lowest valley. Lucky are those whose connectedness to God keeps them grounded in the high times and lifted in the low times.

Always expect the worst and you will never be disappointed -- or happy.

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