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I do not live for money, nor for the accumulation of material possessions, nor for fleeting pleasures.  Rather, I live for that which is priceless, unpossessible, and everlasting -- the love of those who I love.

It was while sinking in the sea of suffering that I learned, hope floats.

If I had nothing more to look forward to in this life than love, that would be enough.

It is not the content of our prayers that matters, for indeed, God already knows what we need before we utter our thoughts to Him.  What is essential is spending that quiet time with Him in sincere devotion and with a true desire to be made better.  It is not our whispered words that are important, but rather the way we are with God in those precious moments.

Through the haze of hardship and misfortune we often have our clearest vision of just how much we really have.

The value of what you do is best measured not by possessions acquired or accolades received, but by what you achieve, what you learn, and most importantly, what you become in the process.

Religious piety has become spiritual arrogance in any body of people who claim godliness for themselves.

It is less often the case that we find true happiness because of the circumstances of our lives than it is that we find it in spite of them.

When I was able to let go of my insistence on what my life should be like and accepted the life God had planned for me,  I finally found the peace and contentment for which I had longed.

It is a law of human nature that if you give love, you will receive love.

Without suffering, there would be less helping and reaching out to one another, fewer heroes, little reason for compassion, less soul-searching, and fewer people turning to God.  A world without suffering would surely be easier -- but would it be better?

Love and distrust are enemies that cause great hurt in the heart that is their battlefield.
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No one else can make you happy -- you must do that for yourself.  But others can make you unhappy.
Never give anyone that power over you.

It is not God's way to calm the storm or quell the raging sea so that your passage may be smooth and tranquil.  But if you ask, He will steady your boat and provide the beacon light to guide you through the darkness.  Turn to God and fear no storm.

People need to quit worrying about the aging process, and concentrate on the living process.

We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
By the same token, we can experience joy because
we have known sorrow.

Is God dead? Of course not. Wherever love lives,
He lives.

Those who stop to whine every time they step on a pebble will never make it to the top of the mountain.

Of all life's gifts, surely the sweetest and most precious is to be loved -- simply to be loved.

There is a force in this world that is greater than any other I have ever witnessed. It is beautiful in its sweet tenderness and awesome in its unconquerable strength. It is so touching it can bring you to tears, and yet so powerful it would frighten you should you ever be on the wrong side of its wrath as it seeks to protect and defend. It has had immense influence on humanity down through the ages, working its wonder on the world one person at a time. It is in itself proof of God, for there could be no other source for something so pure and precious, magical and meaningful, gracious and generous, tender and true, powerful and passionate, life-giving and life-affirming.
What is it? A mother's love for her child.

And at the end of my time here, whether my life was short or long, or whether it was easy or difficult, will not really matter.  It will have been a good life because I laughed and loved in the company of some of God's finest.

Happiness doesn't come from someone else.
It's a precious gift that you give to yourself.

Those who can laugh at their own follies are seldom without an amused audience.

Even when standing in the deepest, darkest valley, one can still see the stars.

Love is a curious thing.  The more you give it away, the more it comes back to you.
David L. Weatherford
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