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Family means unconditional love, being loved for nothing more than just being you -- and being made to feel special for that.

As a child I looked up at this imposing figure and saw the hero of my little world. Today, I face my Dad eye-to-eye and I look up to him even more, for he is a giant of goodness, decency, and generosity --- and my hero still.

A woman who raises her child well is not only the child's mother; so too is she the mother of all good things wrought by that child.

My brother is the friend God chose for me.

Parents need not aspire to provide their children with cars nor cash, jewels nor gems, gold nor goods; for these will not teach or strengthen or inspire the young heart and mind. Far better to give them a parent's love, family pride, and a model for moral living, for these are the things that nurture a child's soul.

Without my mother, I would not be here.  And if somehow I could have come into this world without her, I probably wouldn't be worth a damn.

When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.
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If people can repeatedly witness their own mistakes and wrongdoings, disappoint themselves on numerous occasions, and see themselves at their very worst,  yet still love themselves -- is that not a special kind of love?  And, more importantly, is that not a wonderful model for how to love others?

When your moment of living is done, what kind of remembrance will you leave behind?  Will others say, "He made a lot of money and had many nice things"?   Or perhaps, "She made a lot of friends and had many nice qualities"?
Now is the time to examine the priorities that will determine your legacy.

Anyone who is loved is never alone.

Forgiveness is like exercise.  It can be so hard to bring ourselves to do it -- but when we do, we often feel rejuvenated, enjoy a sense of self-satisfaction,  and ultimately improve our general well-being.

For smiles on your face, turn to friends.
For warmth in your heart, turn to family.
For peace in your soul, turn to God.

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David L. Weatherford
I would suggest you not sell your soul to the almighty dollar, the devil, or any other tempting offer that may come your way - you may find you will need it one day.

Love comes in many forms, but its beauty is unsurpassed when it is unconditional.  So sweet is that love which is not contingent on performing, pleasing, producing, or providing, but given us for simply being who we are what we all want most to be loved for.

The wonder of God in my life is not that He shields me from suffering it's that He loves me through it.

An individual is largely defined by the choices he or she makes in life.  One's true colors are best revealed in those decisions that weigh selfish desires against the well-being of others.

Any man who lives with a bitter heart will be defeated by a formidable enemy himself.

In my youth, I was primarily concerned with accumulating, possessing, and receiving as much as I possibly could.  With maturity, I have learned this paradoxical reality:   the more we give away, the richer we become.  Indeed, the greatest joy is experienced in giving, sharing, and helping. And happily,  that  is how we truly create wealth in this life.  More importantly, when we stand before the Lord on Judgement Day, He will not be impressed by the gold in our pockets, but rather by a heart of gold.

We cannot pursue happiness any more than we can grab a fistful of balmy breeze.  It is far more fruitful to strive for that which we can purposely attain:  a forgiving nature, a compassionate heart, good character, and spiritual growth.  For indeed, happiness is a by-product of such things.

The man who models goodness for his son gives the child a guide for living well, and to the world he bestows a precious gift another good man.

When I live my life in service to my Self-As-God (or Ego), I am small, selfish, and unnecessary in this world.  But when I live my life in service to our Heavenly God, my spirit is large, I benefit others, and I contribute love and goodness to a world in which my presence makes a difference.

Anger and resentment will eat away at the vessel in which they are stored.  It is unwise to keep these acidic emotions in your heart.

I would rather live 1 day filled with love than a 1000 days without.
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