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my sunny sky,
my favorite high,
my bed so warm,
my port in storm,
my sweetest gift,
my emotional lift,
my best friend
until the end,
my inspiration,
my destination,
my shining light,
my day and night,
my heart healer,
my anger chiller,
my pain reliever,
my Spring fever,
my gem so rare,
my answered prayer,
my heart and soul,
my life made whole, 
my merry-go-round,
my 'up' when I'm down,
my best chance,
my last dance,
my best shot,
my sweet cumquat,
my energizer,
my appetizer,
my morning sun,
my evening fun,
my dancing partner,
my heart's gardener,
my source of laughter,
my everafter,
my heaven sent
for who I'm meant,
my burning fire,
my greatest desire,
my soulmate,
my sweet fate,
my dream lover,
my "before all others",
my confidence,
my common sense,
my reason why
until I die.

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