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Our gracious Father, who has given us life and all that is beautiful within it, thank You for:

the bright shining sun through which You say hello every morning, reminding us of Your daily presence and the warmth of Your love.

the strength and will with which You have endowed us that we might endure, indeed, overcome and grow through, the adversities and challenges we face.

hope and faith, on which we rely in those times when our strength and will seem overmatched.

the kindness and charity of our friends and neighbors that remind us we are connected to our fellow travelers on this journey through life.

family, the core unit of humanity in which one finds support, sustenance, and nurturance - all within a nest built of love and blessed by Your grace.

love, the tender, yet powerful, energy that bonds lives together, heals wounds of suffering, and elevates us beyond our baser drives that we might form richer connections within our families, to our neighbors, and, most importantly, with You.

the stars through which You bid us goodnight and remind us to look upward when we are in darkness; and through which You shine light that we may see even when we are trodding in the deepest, loneliest valley.

the bounty of blessings that brighten our days and lighten our burdens - music, nature, art, church, friendship, laughter, compassion, forgiveness, and miracles - which taken together make up the mosaic of life, a gift that only You could imagine and create.

David L. Weatherford
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