Many of you have asked  if there are any books of my writings available for purchase.  I’m happy to tell you that I have started publishing. Here are a couple of descriptions of my books and I hope that you will enjoy them.
How to Purchase My Book s

You can buy a copy of any booklet by going to the following self-publishing website:
Please be aware that all of the aphorisms contained in the book are already posted on my website. Thus, if you are satisfied with reading them on my site, there is no real reason to buy this book.  However, if you would like to have a personal copy that you can read at your convenience, or if you would like to give it as a gift, you may want to take a look and consider placing an order.
When you go to the website you need only:
TYPE - David Weatherford
in the search box at the top of the page

SELECT - ‘books’
from the drop-down box under All Products.
This will take you to the listing of my books.

CLICK - the picture of my book
You will see a description that includes the cover, back, and 9 sample pages.

If you wish to purchase the book,
CLICK Add to Cart
and complete the process from there.
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DLW Writings
The 30-page booklet contains over 100 original aphorisms and is entitled "Love, Faith, and Hope: Reflections on the Uphill Journey".
The 35 page booklet contains original aphorisms relating to thoughts on love and is entitled:
What Is Love?"