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And through his pain, he asked again,
"Why me, Lord, how did I sin?
Oh, I'm not perfect, could never be,
but do I deserve what's happened to me?
I look around and so often see,
many others doing worse than me,
but they're not punished the way I've been,
it makes no sense, what does it mean?
I go to church, I say my prayers,
doesn't that count, Lord, don't You care?"
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And the man went on with his deperate plea,
"Oh listen, Lord, won't You please hear me?
I'm not asking for everything,
just to ease a bit my suffering.
How much hurt can one man take,
how many times his spirit break?
I pray each day the pain will fade,
futile prayers, the pain has stayed.
I want so much to believe You're there,
doesn't that count, Lord, don't You care?"

Time went by, the answer finally came,
the man was strong, he conquered the pain.
It occurred to him, that deep within,
a special strength was given to him,
knowing it had to come from somewhere,
"Lord", he said, "You really do care"!

David L. Weatherford
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