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It is so difficult to understand the inequalities that exist throughout the world.  Why are some of us blessed with wealth, health, and happiness, yet others must live with poverty, illness, and despair?   There seems no rhyme or reason, no justice or fairness; it appears that suffering and pain are randomly assigned.   Oh, sure, everyone gets a portion of the suffering, but clearly some get more than their fair share.  And we all struggle to understand why.  Why does our neighbor prosper, when we have much less, and our friend down the street even less?

But sweetly, there is something quite magnificent that makes these differences of small consequence -- everyone has the same access to God.  Everyone, no matter their lot in life, has the opportunity through God to be loved, find hope, and have a life with meaning.  This unique relationship allows each and every one of us to experience a joy and contentment that will thrive in any circumstance .  God, you see, is The Great Equalizer.  The distance from a mansion to heaven is the same as it is from a shack to heaven. The beggar and the CEO are loved by God equally.  The sick, the poor, the weak may all go to our Lord in prayer and receive spiritual health, richness of  character, and inner strength at any time, anywhere.   It matters not who owns the big houses, who has the money, or who has the power, for these things do not cleanse the soul nor provide peace of mind.  Real happiness comes from knowing God, and in this we can all truly be equal.  No one is greater than another, and no one has to settle for less.  This is the saving grace in a world of inequality

In fact, we err terribly when we look to surface features to determine who is successful or most richly blessed. We often are jealous of those who have acquired the most valuable material goods.  But, in fact, it is better to be a homeless man who loves God than to be a wealthy man who worships his possessions.   Moreover, the poor man who is angry at God is indeed poor -- not for what he does without, but for what he lacks within.Certainly, the truly destitute among us are those not filled with the love of God, and it is for them that we should feel great compassion and sadness.  So if you want to go out into the world and find people who need your charity, your mercy, your help, look for those men and women who have not found Jesus and show them the way to a life of soul-deep joy.  For we are each and every one meant to have this -- and we all can!

David L. Weatherford
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