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I hear you ask, is there a God?
And if so, why do we not see His miracles?

I say to you, He is there,
but you don't know
how to see Him.

I saw Him just today, when a young boy gave his lunch to an old, homeless man. 
Don't you wonder why he did?)

I heard Him last night in the words of a woman who forgave the drunk driver who killed her son. 
Don't you wonder how she could?)

I feel Him often when I find a way to conquer pain and push forward in amazing joy. 
Don't you wonder where we find such strength?)

You see, I myself was once like you,
I could not find Him, and I doubted too.
But I wonder no more, for now I can see,
God is the goodness within you and me.
I fear that you miss God's presence by looking for extraordinary events beyond the bounds of our imagination.  But God lives and works in the real world, in us and through us in simple, but beautiful ways.

I find Him in gestures of forgiveness where selfish vindictiveness would have been the easier way;  I see Him in acts of kindness where no purpose was served beyond the sheer joy of giving;  I sense Him so easily in the healing of my own wounded soul.

To what can we attribute these "ordinary" miracles if not an inexplainable force for goodness; and is that not God Himself?
Wherever there's love, forgiveness, or sharing,
courage, kindness, compassion, or caring,
there you'll find God manifesting Himself
through how we treat others and give of ourselves.

Open your eyes and you'll see Him everywhere,
Open your heart, and yes, you'll find Him there.
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