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Oh Lord, Maker of Mountains, thank You for the matchless beauty of nature and the wonder of Your landscape, for these are the visible displays that remind us that Your awesome power and reassuring presence are ever around us

Oh Lord,
Father of Forgiveness, thank You for absolving us of our multitude of sins so that we might be worthy of Your love and one day dwell in the holy kingdom.  Through You we understand that practicing forgiveness is essential to our own spiritual well-being, and that vengeance and anger hurt the heart and stunt the soul.
Oh Lord, Fountain of Love, thank You for Your beautiful blanket of caring that cradles and comforts us so that we are free to reach out in love to one another.  We are at our best when we act in love and giving to others, and in so doing, bring ourselves closer to You.

Oh Lord,
Source of All Strength, thank You for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when we are faced with suffering we need only look to You to find the will and fortitude that shall help us endure.  Though fear may pursue us, sorrow can haunt us, and pain will find us, our prayers give us hope, our faith brings us strength, and our relationship with You triumphs over all adversity.
Oh Lord, Wellspring of Wisdom, thank You for guidance in how to live in a way that sustains personal esteem, fosters transcendance beyond earthly desires, and promotes the cause of humanity throughout the world.  We need not stumble in the darkness of unknowing, for Your Word lights the way of the journey home.

Oh Lord,
Savior of Souls, we are so grateful that Your presence provides order and purpose in our universe while giving meaning and value to our lives.  And how we cherish the serenity in our souls that comes from knowing our faith and belief will be rewarded in the glorious everafter we shall spend with You.
David L. Weatherford
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