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I Know A Man

A Tribute To My Mother

I Wouldn't Be The Rich Man

Mama, Did You Know?

Reflections Of My Mom, At Thanksgiving
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A Time To Learn

I Am A Swimmer

What Should I Fear?
Losing Lana

And I Love Her

The Unborn Love

You Are With Me

I Wonder If She Knew

How Do I Unlove?

Two Souls Dancing

My Love For You

Silent Love

Laura Was Here

The Wonder of You

Baby You Are
Gratitude Prayer

I Walk With Her

He Is Everywhere

Do You Care, Lord?

For Blessings Bountiful

The Mountain of Life

Stones in the Stream

I Should Have Loved God

Jesus, Could You Forgive Me?

The Great Equalizer

In This World

Later, Jesus

God Is Not A Fixer

On Prayer
Slow Dance

When Children Learn

Meaning and Mortality

Winning the Game of Life

You Are Blessed

The Moment

Standing at the Edge

12 Steps to a Better Self

What Really Matters

In The Place Where I Am

I Resolve - 2009
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Many sites have very creative renditions of my poem, Slow Dance:

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Poem Set to music at YouTube by MyristicaForest, Netherlands
A note from David W.
November 2007
"In Loving Memory"
A memorial page for my mother
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E-CARD adapted from this poem
A "Take 5 Moment"  January 2009
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Mother's Day Remembrance"
as seen in the Nashville Tennessean newspaper
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