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All writings are from the COPYRIGHTED collection of David L. Weatherford.  They are offered for private use ONLY.  They are not to be distributed for promotional purposes, without permission, and are not for resale.  Please do not include these writings in any personal collections for distribution on the web without providing a link back to my pages.  Web page design is created by jamy13 with gifs and backgrounds found on the web or sent by friends and, to the best of my knowledge, are not known to be copyrighted.  Whenever  possible credit has been given to originators of such materials.  Should anyone know of reason not to use them, please contact me for immediate removal.
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My site presents a collection of poems, prose, and aphorisms I have written on a variety of topics.  I resisted developing my own site for a long time, fearing it might appear pretentious or showy to develop a web site featuring one's own writings.  But I finally decided to give it a go due to three intersecting factors: 1) Laura, my beautiful friend (and the subject of many of the love poems), has often urged me to create one - and she's usually right;  2) a large number of people who read some of my poems that were published (e.g., in "Chicken Soup for the Soul") or reproduced throughout the Internet (e.g., "Slow Dance") have written to me to ask where they could find more of my writings, and; 3) my colleague and friend, Jona, offered to lend her considerable skills in website development to create a site for my writing.  So, I thank Laura for the inspiration and encouragement, and I thank Jona for her expertise and willingness to develop the website.  Oh, and by the way, if I do end up looking like a pretentious dufus, just remember, it wasn't really MY idea!

I don't intend to use up much valuable space telling personal stuff about myself.  I really just want to present the writing; of course, since much of it is based on my own experiences and perceptions, I think you will eventually get to know me pretty well (not that it's at all important that you do).  I believe that most of my writing reflects the fact that I have essentially distilled my primary values down to two core life essentials that undergird everything that truly matters: God and Love.  These are the answers to every question that I consider to be important.  Because of them, I am able to find joy and meaning in each day, look forward to the future with hope rather than fear, and endure all hurts along the way.  God and Love provide the guideposts for my life journey; I hope that you have found what lights your path.

Now, I don't pretend to offer any new ideas or insights.  Heck, all the good ideas have already been taken.  I just write to express my personal impressions and perspectives based on what the universe has put in my head and heart.  I hope that occasionally the way I describe an experience or feeling happens to resonate with you and spurs you to smile, laugh, contemplate, cry (the good kind), reflect, or otherwise be affected or touched.