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When I was a young boy, and I went to church with my folks, I didnít have time for Jesus.  I knew I was supposed to help people and live a good life, but I was more concerned with hanging out with my friends, looking cool, and having fun.  It was as if I said, ďJesus, Iím having fun now.  But itís all right, Iíll do good things laterĒ.

After college, I suppose I matured a little, and I knew I had to get more responsible.  I figured I had to get a job, keep up a place to live, and start working on a career.  I stopped going to church, slept in on Sunday morning, and didnít think much about what God expected of me.  I still believed in Him, and knew Iíd eventually get back to church, but for now, well, I essentially said ďHey, Jesus, Iím not ready now.  But itís all right, Iíll be a better person laterĒ.

After a while, I got married and had a baby boy.  Life was good.  I had a nice home, family, the whole thing.  I was living responsibly, contributing to society, and raising a family.  I started back to church, Ďcause I wanted my boy to grow up in the church.  But I was only making my Savior part of my life on Sunday morning.  I was under a lot of pressure now, working hard, and building a family life.   Indeed, the message had become, ďJesus, Iím busy now.  But itís all right, Iím moving in the right directionĒ.

Now my boy is no boy, heís a grown man.  My wife ainít my wife, sheís an ex-wife.  Iíve been working the same job over 30 years, and it pays for a lot of nice stuff.  But working 60 hours a week to have a lot of nice stuff to fill up my days, well that just isnít enough.  I like my home, and I love my friends and family.  But late at night, when I lie in my bed alone with my worried thoughts and the sounds of an empty soul, Iím so aware that something has been missing in my life.  Finally, on one of those lonely nights, I prayed to Jesus, ďIím sorry I put you off so long.  Lord, Iíve wasted too much time, and I need you so bad.Ē  I guess it would have served me right if He said, ĒHey, son, Iím busy right now.  But itís all right, Iíll get with you later, okay?Ē But of course He didnít.  He said, ďIíve been waiting, and Iím glad you finally came to me.Ē

Jesus is always waiting.

David L. Weatherford
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ďSoftly and tenderly Jesus is calling.
Calling for you and for me.
See, on the portals Heís waiting and watching,
Watching for you and for me.

(from the gospel song ďSoftly and TenderlyĒ,
By Will L. Thompson 1880)