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Bad experiences make good learning experiences.  While we all seek the good times that bring us laughter, fun, and enjoyment, the hard times are what strengthen us, shape us, and develop our greatest capacities.  An effortless life without challenge or conflict would not allow us to fulfill all of our potential; indeed, we might never know the beauty of forgiveness, the connectedness of compassion, the awesome depth of love, or the incredible powers that each of us possess.  In every adversity there lies a lesson, or a chance to test ourselves and discover places within us that we never imagined.  Just as water and sand may wear down the rough edges of a rock until it is a perfectly smooth stone, so too can the harsh aspects of life shape us into more perfect beings.  If we were to look at difficult circumstances as opportunities for growth or learning, perhaps we could face them with calm acceptance rather than fearful resistance.

When someone hurts us or betrays us, perhaps it is a time to learn forgiveness, and how this act frees us and liberates us from unnecessary anger.
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When something is not going the way we had hoped, perhaps it is a time to learn patience, allowing that God determines the time and season for all things.
When something we value deeply is taken away from us, perhaps it is a time to learn appreciation for what we had and for what remains.
When we fail, perhaps it is a time to learn perseverance, for failure is not an endpoint; rather, it is a lesson, a motivator, and a stimulus for us to be persistent.
When we are disturbed by others who think or look different from us, or behave in ways we do not understand, perhaps it is a time to learn tolerance, appreciating that the great tapestry of humanity is all the more beautiful for its many different colors, textures, and patterns.
When we cannot attain something we want in life, perhaps it is a time to learn acceptance, knowing that God has a plan for us that is much greater than the small, self-serving goals we have set.
When we are worried or frightened, perhaps it is a time to learn trust and hope, for fear always works to weaken us, and faith to strengthen us.
When we lose to someone else, perhaps it is a time to learn graciousness and humility, realizing that when we accept defeat with grace and dignity, we win something within ourselves perhaps greater than the prize we sought.
All of these circumstances are  times for us to learn the power of prayer and faith in our Creator, for the greatest lesson to be learned in times of adversity is our profound need of God.
David L. Weatherford
We all have things to learn in life.   I hope that you will share this with your family and friends who are learning every day too.
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