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find animations and other graphics for
your personal  e-mail messages and web pages. 
to the people behind FLAMING TEXT! 
Each page on this site is designed with titles created at this fabulous website!  They have everything that the novice or professional needs (fonts & graphics) to make web pages impressive or simply to insert fun fonts into your personal e-mails!  If you haven't been there before - PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT!!
Some of the most intense and beautiful backgrounds on this site are from this incredible graphics site.  THANKS, Scott, for helping this website stand out from the rest!!
Another GREAT creative site for unique backgrounds. 
It's huge folks - check it out!!
Boogie Jack's Web Depot is a webmasters resource site with over 500 pages of free high quality web page graphics, HTML and CSS tutorials, graphics tutorials, cut and paste JavaScript, sound effects, software and software reviews, computer tips and more.
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WOW Zone is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. More importantly, it's a beacon of hope and a testimony of the good in the world.
PENNY PARKER is an Artist.  She offers custom design as well as sets available for personal use on your web sites that are themed around exquisite watercolor and oil paintings.  For an example of her beautiful work, please visit my "Mountain of Life" page.  I am sure that you WILL be impressed.  Better yet, visit her site now!!
Great wallpaper & 3D Graphics