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If my love were a ladder
it would reach to the sun.
If my love were a feather
it would still weigh a ton.
If my love were a river
it would have no end.
If my love were a willow
it still wouldn't bend.
If my love were a light
it would blind those who look.
If my love were one word
it would still fill a book.

If my love were a rose
it could grow through concrete.
If my love were a snowflake
it would still give off heat.
If my love were a sound
it would deafen all ears.
If my love were a tissue
it could wipe the world's tears.
If my love were the sky
it would always be bright.
If my love were a flame
it would light up the night.

But my love is just love,
no more and no less.
The magic it has
is to make me my best.
It makes me feel whole
and it makes my heart sing.
It makes me believe
I can do anything.
No power is greater
than love such as this,
that makes a man happy
he is who he is.
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