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I believe a mother’s love is proof of a Higher Power, for something so pure and beautiful could only come from the grace of God.   I have been so sweetly blessed with a magnificent mother who I could never possibly deserve.  She is the great love of my life.  She is very ill now and it hurts my heart like no other pain I have ever known.  This poem is my attempt to describe the beauty of my mother and my undying devotion to her.  It is a daunting task to express such large and powerful feelings, and certainly any words I may put together will be woefully inadequate to capture the depth, breadth, and wonder of her life and the glorious way she has filled the role of mother.  In taking on this challenge, I am not unlike the man who stood on the mountaintop with a small brush imagining he could paint the endless sky.  Nevertheless, here is my effort to create a  tribute to my beloved mother and all that she means to me.
Mama, did you know that when I was a child and  you said everything would be okay, I simply took it as truth?  I believed completely  in your power to make my world safe and sensible, and your words of assurance eased all my fears and erased all my doubts.   I’m grown up now, and you’d think I would have let go of that childish fantasy.  But I never have.  Even in the worst of times, if you tell me everything will be okay, I still believe that some how, some way, it will be.  I guess that’s part of the magic of a mother.

Did you know you have been my role model?   From watching you, I learned how to treat others, how to live with dignity and integrity, how to face adversity, and how to love.  In sum, I learned  how to live a  life pleasing to God. I could not have had a better teacher – and all you had to do was be yourself and let me watch you.  This was both a gift and a challenge to me.  A challenge, because you set a high standard for me to live up to in terms of generosity, decency, courage, and moral living.  I know God probably expects me to be the kind of person you are – I hope He understands I will surely fall short.

Did you know you are the best person I have ever known?  Mama, I am awed by your strength, touched by your gentle nature, amazed by your capacity for caring, inspired by your unconquerable faith, and honored to be your child.

Dear God, thank You for allowing me to receive life, and lessons on living, from a wonderful woman who I respect, admire, and adore.  Lord, fill me up I pray, with grace and goodness, that I might be worthy of calling her Mother.
Mama, did you know that one of my major life goals has been to please you?   There were times in my young life when I simply lacked direction and motivation.  I didn’t know who I was or where I was going. But I always made the effort to be productive and forward-moving if only because I knew that would make you proud.  When I was lost, or without goals, I simply did what I thought you might want me to do.  And you know what, mama -- that always kept me on a pretty good path.

Did you know that when I was a child you were the center of my universe?  You were the sun, the light, the answer  – you were God to me before I knew Him.   Of course, you taught me to worship the one true God, and He became the Center of Everything.  But, mama, you will forever remain in the center of my heart.

Did you know that from childhood to adulthood, I have admired a wondrous gift you possess –that amazing sense of calm deep within you?  It gives you a quiet strength, a sense of certainty, a will that never wavers, a deep truth.  I have come to understand that this inner well of peace derives from your indomitable faith in the Lord.  I strive to find that for myself.

Dear God, if I could make a wish for the world, it would be that every child might have a mother like mine.  If they did, everyone would grow up beautifully loved, emotionally nourished, and fully prepared to share the faith, joy, and hope that was nurtured in their hearts.
Mama, did you know I believe the worth and richness of a life is best measured by the amount of love we inspire in others?  If this is true, then your greatness is well proven if only by the enormous love you have caused to grow in a single heart – mine. 

Did you know that when I am 80 years old, my thoughts and actions will still reflect what you taught and nurtured within me as a child?  Any act of compassion, sharing of wisdom, or touching of someone’s life on my part, will stem from what you imparted to me as a child.  Not one single day of my life will I ever be disconnected from you, for I will always carry within me the love and lessons you put into my heart and mind.  You were there to encourage me as I took my very first step, and no matter how long I may walk on this planet, I know you will be with me as I take my last.

Did you know I owe you in a unique way?  Most of the people who have helped me along the way, I have repaid in kindnesses or by returning favors.  But, of course, a person cannot reciprocate for what is received from a mother.   You gave me not only
my life, but a great deal of yours.  There is no adequate thank-you, there is no possible repayment.  Thus, to you I must forever owe the unpayable debt.

Did you know I found God through you?  You see, Mama,  I felt Him in the power of your love; I saw Him in how you lived; and I knew He loved me, for isn’t that why He put someone so lovely as you in my life to care for me?

Dear God, thank You for loving me so much that You would put me in the care of one of your angels.
Mama, did you know that all of my successes can be traced back to what I learned from you?  You taught me not only with your words, but with your ways; not only with your instructions, but with your inspiration; not only with your lessons, but with your love.  Mama, if I could have somehow entered this world without you, I would not be half the man you helped me become.  Every triumph, every worthwhile endeavor, every noble gesture on my part is a reflection of you within me.  Indeed, any time I have sparkled in this life was because your beauty was shining through me in that moment.

Did you know you have earned all of the great titles for how you have lived your life and raised your children: hero, saint, angel?    Or, of course, the one that captures all of these –

Did you know a mother’s love is the highest and most genuine form of love?   It’s uniqueness and wonder lie in the fact that it is given without any conditions or expectations attached.  It is based on giving in the purest sense, with absolutely nothing required from the recipient of that love.  Mama, some people love with their minds – they believe someone is right for them.  Some people love with their hearts – they feel something warm and passionate for someone.  But a mother, she loves with her soul -- that love for her child is a huge part of her very being and it is the core of her identity. Because she partnered with God in the child’s very creation, like Him, she has a love for her child that is complete and perfect.  Where else in the world does such a way of relating to another person exist?   Indeed, it is the ideal model for how to love someone.  Mama, to be loved like this is one of the truly exquisite joys in this life and I thank you for this neverending gift -- and certainly, the gifts that we keep for a lifetime are the greatest of all. 

Dear God, I am eternally grateful to You for sending someone so precious to guide me, teach me, and love me.  You created me in my mother’s body and You loved me through her soul.
Mama, did you know that I am who I am because of your love?  I believe a child needs love more than anything else in the world.  It instills a healthy self-esteem that will carry him through life.   A child wants so much to be loved – not for being good, but just for being.  Mama, your beautiful way of loving me always made me feel special and worthy.  Because of that, I have lived my life with a strong sense of self, standing tall and proud, regardless of circumstances, failures, or the opinions of others.  You see, I never cared what others thought of me – just you and God.   Like a flower blossoms to its full potential beauty due to the warming rays of the sun, so too did I become the man I am today growing in the light of your sweet spirit.  My character and capabilities are the fruit of your caring and nurturance.  Whatever goodness I may add to this world is a direct result of the love you showered on me.

Did you know that even as you’ve grown older and have become ill, I still continue to learn from you?  Though I am now helping take care of you, the truth is I remain the student of life, and you the teacher.  For through the reversal in our roles, I have come to know for myself how fulfilling it is to give love and caring freely and happily for the well-being of another with no expectation of anything whatsoever in return.   You see, Mama, you helped me experience something I probably should have discovered long ago, and you opened my eyes and my heart to the utter joy of true, selfless loving – the way that mothers and God love their children.

Did you know that when I was a child I had no idea of the immense depth of feelings behind the words “I love you” that you so frequently said to me?  Not until I was much older could I fully appreciate that these words meant there was no limit to what you would do for me, that my well-being and happiness were your greatest source of contentment, and that nothing in all the world was as important to you as I, your child.  Now, due to your illness, you can barely utter those treasured three words.  But when you do, it fills me up with indescribable emotion, for I am now fully overwhelmed by the power and meaning of those words.  And if the time comes when you cannot utter the words, well the fact is your whole life has been one giant “I love you”.  It shouts with great volume in my heart and shall forevermore.

Dear God, though I may not accomplish many of the goals I have set for myself, I pray You will help me achieve this one – that I might live a life that honors my mother and all that she has given me.
Mama, did you know that in my childhood, youth, and even into adulthood, I relied on your guidance and your direction?  But now, for reasons that are beyond all reason, you (and I) have been robbed of many of your capabilities, and I can no longer turn to you for the fountain of wisdom and advice you have always provided.  Yet somehow, just by being in your presence I am able to draw strength and courage from you, and I am replenished with your love and warmth.  I believe it is a great tribute to you that you can inspire others just by the sheer force of your gracious being.  Mama, when I was small, you lifted me up with your arms; now, you lift me with your spirit.

Did you know that sometimes when I am not sure of what to do in difficult circumstances, even today as a grown man, I try to think of what you would do?  So when I’m faced with one of those struggles between right and wrong, I listen for your voice in my heart, guiding me and reminding me to walk the high road of a moral man.  At other times, I know full well what I
should do; I just don’t want to do it – maybe I’m too lazy or just plain selfish.  But that is the least of me at work; the best of me comes from you and it is that part of me of which I am most proud.  Mama, I regret every choice I ever made that was not worthy of the Christian example you provided me.

Did you know that even though I stand a foot taller than you, I still must look up to you – for you are a giant of goodness, a tower of truth, and you stand closer to God in His heavens than I could ever hope to?

Mama, when Our Maker comes to gather one of His most precious jewels, and you must depart from this world into which you delivered me, I know I will stumble as though the wind were knocked out of my very soul.  I know the sun will shine less brightly, the stars will have less sparkle, and the rainbows less color.   But I will gather myself up, stand tall as you taught me at an early age, and move forward on the life journey for which you prepared me.  Though I haven’t your strength, I will find a way to push through my sadness; though I haven’t your courage, I shall stand up to life’s challenges, and though I haven’t your inner beauty, I will pray that I may find whatever goodness is within me and build on that.  Mama, I so truly dread a world made darker for the loss of your radiant light.  But as long as I live on, so will you, and thus I know I must always carry myself in a way that honors you.  And when the time shall come that I am released from all earthly pain and allowed to take my heavenly flight, if I can look back and honestly say to myself, “Mama would have been proud of the way I lived “, then I shall leave this life satisfied and free of regret.

Dear God, I pray You will bless my beloved mother and keep her always close to You, for certainly she is one of the most beautiful souls You ever created.
Mama, now I must end this love letter, though not because there is no more to tell of your warmth and wonder, or of my unending love and devotion to you.  No, I stop now because I truly become too overcome with emotion when I reflect on all you have done for me, all you have given of yourself, and all that you mean to me.  My eyes brim with tears, my throat has a lump, and my heart feels about to burst when I consider how you have been the singular unfailing constant through the ups and downs of my life.  When I wanted to give up, you would not let me; when I felt like I couldn’t do anything right, you convinced me I could do no wrong; when I felt the world was against me, you stood with me (and that evened the score for my side); when times were hard and I could see only darkness, you were my light; when I didn’t love myself very much, you loved me even more.  You were my strength, my courage, my will, when I had none. Mama, you brought me into this world. You taught me how to live in it, how to love its treasures, how to endure its hardships, and how to give something back to it.  No child has ever been more blessed by the Lord Father than I in His choice of who would be my mother.  How profoundly proud I am to be your child.
For all you have done, my dear sweet mother, I adore you, I cherish you, I honor you, and I love you – oh how so deeply I love you, Mama.
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The music accompanying this poem is "Wind Beneath My Wings",
written by Larry Henley and Jeff Silbar.
I chose this song because it's chorus, shown below, so beautifully captures the way I feel about my mother.
Did you ever know that you're my hero
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
for you are the wind beneath my wings.