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We only have a moment.
What to do with it?
The choices are vast and endless.
But the moment is not.  It will end sooner than you think.  But before that, what to do?

Shall we take or give?

Help or hurt?

Build or destroy?

Love or hate?  Or feel nothing?

Will you spend your  moment acquiring things?
You can't keep them when the moment is over.

I want to spend my moment loving;  loving my family, my friends,  my neighbors, even strangers.
I want to bring goodness, kindness, and laughter into their lives.

I want to experience nature;  taste the rain, absorb the sun, feel the breeze.

I want to feel God in my life daily.

I want to honor the people who love me;  I want my life to honor them.

I want to make a difference;  not with power, or money, or some claim to fame.  But in the little space around me, I want to create ripples of affection, caring, and compassion that touch the people standing close to me,  and then the people close to them, and so forth.

I want to leave my mark in the hearts of people who knew me.  And I hope they will be the better for it.

I want to make my moment count.  I want to embrace this life fully and deeply and with the totality of my heart and mind and soul.

We only have a moment.

What are you doing with it?
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