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I have reached a point in life where I no longer fear the moment of my death.  Now, it is the moment of judgement that will quickly follow which gives me pause.  I shudder to imagine standing before God who will evaluate me for my selfish ways, my unwillingness to forgive, my lack of tolerance, my self absorption, my love of money and things, and my shortage of compassion for the suffering of others who I failed on a regular basis.

So my resolution this New Year will be different.  It is no longer enough for me to focus on superficial things such as breaking a bad habit, eating better, or exercising more.  I shall have a greater goal than to look better or even to feel better I want to
be better. 

In the past, like many people, I resolved
to improve myself through such things as diet, conditioning, and making lifestyle changes.   But this year Im going to work to improve my SELF by exercising my humanity, building my character, and living a life with meaning.  For indeed it is not the body that stands before God to be judged, but rather the soul.
And so, I resolve to:

      Be kinder

      Pray more

      Forgive quicker

      Spread goodness

      Help the helpless

      Practice tolerance daily

      Encourage the discouraged

      Show mercy without judgment

      Share, my resources and my self

      To those I love, tell and show them

      Respect my elders (and my youngers)

      Let go of my obsession with possessions

Praise God and live like I mean it!

I resolve, then, to live a life that is a blessing to others, defined by kindness, integrity, and goodness; a life that warms hearts, inspires smiles, and honors those who have raised and loved me.
In sum, I shall work to live in a way that pleases the Lord who made me that I may be judged worthy to live with Him eternally.
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