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Today, the two of you join together to begin a life-long journey and  become as one;  two hearts beating as one, two minds sharing one dream, two souls connected for eternity.  Always rely on love, for it will protect you, heal you, and strengthen you.  Let it be your guide through fields of laughter, on seas of struggle, and over mountains of triumph.

Cherish the love of your family.  Wherever you go, you will remain linked to this source of unconditional caring and affection.  You are forever tethered to your family by a unique and beautiful strand.  Its magic lies in that it never creates tension to pull you back, but it always responds to your slightest tug in times of need.  Never hesitate to reach for that loveline, for whatever your question may be, the answer will always be love.

Cling to each other, for you are best friends, life partners, soul-mates; indeed you are the foundation for the family you shall become.  Your lives are sewn together with threads of gold blessed by God.  Spend your days weaving trust, respect, and understanding into the incredible tapestry of your love, so that it will grow stronger and grander with each passing year.

Give your love generously to one another.  Love is much more than passion that dwells in the heart.   Love knows its truest wonder when it is expressed to encourage, enhance, and enrich one's partner.  How beautifully love is manifested in such simple acts as quiet listening, tender reassurance, or sweet forgiveness.  For great love is not measured by the intensity of feelings passively carried within, but rather by the depth and width and length to which one goes to give selflessly for the betterment of a loved one.

Your bond and commitment to one another will permit each of you to truly know and understand the other in a way that no one else can.  Only you can look into your partner's eyes and read what is written in their heart.  Only you will have the privilege of peering into the deepest layers of your mate's very being.   Each of you is about to embark on a wondrous journey to your partner's soul.   And oh what a glorious feeling you will know when you discover the magnificent and divine spirit God planted there.

Savor every drop of love that fills the cup of your joined lives.  Many couples live from one big milestone to the next, taking for granted the countless, simple moments of togetherness that give life its richness and depth.  Find your greatest joy in doing small things with big feelings, and live fully in the shared, ordinary slices of daily routine for that is where the real substance of life and love occurs.  And remember, too, that any gesture of love, however small or seemingly  insignificant, should be embraced and appreciated the touch of a nurturing hand, a loving glance across the room, a simple word of comfort for these are the jewels of life through which lovers accumulate great wealth.

You are now two and one at the same time.  Each of you is unique and wonderful in your own right.  But bound together by your unalterable love and devotion, you will  reach new levels of greatness.  Separately, each of you has the beauty and grace of a perfect flower; but together, you will match the splendor of a garden of a thousand roses.  Separately, each of you shines like the silver moon on a black night; but together, the light within you will burn brighter than the morning sun. Separately, each of you has the strength and power of a raging river; but together, you will be as awesome as the mighty oceans that cover the earth.  You belong with and to one another. Not in the way that something belongs to its owner rather in the way the stars belong to the sky, sand belongs to the desert, and fish belong to the sea.  That is, because God saw fit for them to be together   and so it is with the two of you.

Cherish your joint love of God, remembering that His is the only perfect love.  Out of that love, He brought the two of you together to create a union that will add profound joy to your lives. Honor and treasure the precious gift of your togetherness, for in doing so you honor Him.  Stay close to God, knowing that His love answers every question, and  replaces emptiness with meaning, injury with healing, despair with hope, and darkness with light.  Allow the loving hand of our Lord to hold you always in its warm embrace and your lives will be filled with peace, serenity, and contentment.

As you go forth into the world, know that today you have all you will ever need: your family's love shining brightly behind you, your love for each other burning passionately in your hearts, and your love of God lighting a path to life's greatest rewards.

In closing, consider this:  life savored and lived to the fullest is a dance; but only those in love can hear the music. Joe & Erin, may your dancing feet never touch the ground.
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The poem below was specially written at the request of my nephew, Joe Don Weatherford, and his beautiful bride, Erin Kirk.  I was honored to read it in their wedding ceremony on June 24, 2000.  May God bless them as they share the dance of life.
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