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Appreciate the positives at all times. Be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life, even when you are struggling with some of the negatives.

Give, be unselfish, and help others. Remember, they are struggling with life just like you are.

Donít claim to be right all the time, or at least donít try to persuade others that you are right and they are wrong. LISTEN, and accept the other personís right to believe as they wish.

Accept that life will frustrate and hurt you sometimes. Change those things you can changeómake peace with the rest.

Donít get upset or angry over things you cannot control, especially if they are not important in the long run anyway. Practice patience and cultivate calmness.

Avoid useless negative thoughts. Be aware of them, donít try to fight through them, just let them go.

Develop greater tolerance, and accept what others choose to do without judging it or being upset by it. If possible, think of ways you can learn from the things that annoy and frustrate you about other people (e.g., learn the art of patience, test your capacity for forgiveness).

Forgive and let go (and do it first, donít wait for the other person).

Donít worry and ruminate. Think through your concern, decide what can be done, do that, then drop it.

Relax more. Meditate daily. Have quiet time. Spend some time
just being, not doing. Turn off the mental motors and let your mind idle.

Be more in the moment. Focus on the present. Live fully now.

Express your love frequently and fervently.
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