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I do not weep for the autumn leaf
that dies on the cold hard ground,
for it has known full majesty,
from green to golden brown.

Sad to me, the unnurtured seed
that withers much too soon;
lost is the beauty God had planned
for the flower that didn't bloom.

And so it is with love as well,
it should breathe and grow  and thrive.
Love's spark deserves to be a flame,
and the flame, a raging fire.

So glad I am for every love
that blossomed in my heart,
for each of them has left behind
its best and sweetest parts.

The only love I truly mourn
is the one I never knew,
'cause I was scared to risk the hurt
that only love can do.

Oh that unborn love, what glorious gifts
was it not allowed to bring?
And would my heart have finally found
the song it was meant to sing?

What scares me most, and always will,
is a thought that leaves me never.
It may have been the love for me,
God meant to live forever.
David L. Weatherford
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