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You are blessed if . . .  

you wake up in a bed, and  under a roof,

you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin,

you have a friend,

you feel connected to something greater than yourself
(e.g., church, community, Creator),

you are loved by someone,

you love them, too,

you have faith and hope,

you are part of a family,

you are free,

you are able to work
  (whether at a job, taking care of someone, gardening, etc),

you can see the stars in the heavens,

you believe in heaven,

you have the capacity to give something to others
(even if only a smile),

you are a living, breathing, feeling human being with a soul and a heart who therefore, has purpose, meaning, and worth.

Do you, like many of us, tend to focus too much on the things that frustrate,annoy, and worry you?  Do you think too much about what you want as you overlook what you have, what you receive each day?  The fact is, if you enjoy even a few of the items listed above, and some of  the countless others that could be added, then indeed YOU ARE BLESSED.

Have you said a prayer of thanks today?  
Oh, yeah talking to God that's another blessing!
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I hope that you enjoyed reading this page.and that you will pass it along to friends and family so that they can think about how they too are blessed ....
David L. Weatherford